America-Israel Relations

America has many important and strategic alliances, but she has no other alliance that is as special or important as the one she shares with Israel. Our nations share common traditions and enjoy the only alliance that carries a promise and a curse from God. America’s support of Israel is vital to the success, security, and futures of each nation. American policy towards Israel must recognize these pillars:

  • America has been Israel’s most loyal ally.
  • Israel is an important beacon of democracy amidst terrorists.
  • Israel’s concerns must be America’s concerns.
  • Israel’s security creates a safer and saner Middle East.
  • Israel’s success benefits American interests. We must renew and recommit ourselves to these principles and our friendship with Israel daily. We must respond to the political hits being leveled by the Squad and their allies with rhetorical counters and political strength. As a member of Congress, Israel will have a loud and vocal friend and fierce, unwavering advocate in me.

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When I took office, Alabama law did not afford protection to the unborn so that, if a baby was injured or killed during the commission of a violent crime against his or her mother, no prosecution could be pursued for the injuries to or death of the baby.  I also wrote and passed legislation to fix that.  Today, in Alabama, if you injure or a kill a baby, you may be charged with and convicted for not one crime but two – one for your crimes against the mother and the other for your crimes against her unborn baby.

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The Second Amendment

As a proud member of both the NRA and BamaCarry, I have not just talked about the importance of protecting gun rights, but I have actually protected them.  As Attorney General, I passed Alabama’s Stand Your Ground Law.  With its passage, law abiding citizens in Alabama no longer had to try to run away before they could stand and defend themselves, their family, and their property.  That is how it should be.

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